Clarification of Defamation Act

All members of the media are NOT bad people! We just like you are concerned with issues that affect public policy and the constitution rights of everyday citizens. Some of us are rebels in the name of Justice, instigators to expose corruption. That is not the kind of Journalist that I am, nor should you expect me to be.

I only write about what I know to be true, what I can confirm, honestly believe and that has some truthful bite. For that reason I am notifying you all of this thing called The UNIFORM CORRECTION OR CLARIFICATION OF DEFAMATION ACT, which can be found by clicking here.

As noted in RCW 7.96.10 “Since the United States supreme court recognized the First Amendment limitations on the common law tort of defamation and defamation-like torts, courts have struggled to achieve a balance between constitutionally protected guarantees of free expression and the need to protect citizens from reputational harm. Unlike personal injuries, harm to reputation can often be cured by means other than money damages. The correction or clarification of a published statement may restore a person’s reputation more quickly and more thoroughly than a victorious lawsuit. The salutary effect of a correction or clarification is enhanced if it is published reasonably soon after a statement is made.”

You can save yourself the humiliation and backlash if that’s what you deem it to be by simply saying very nicely, “Please”.

All Journalists, especially those of us who are independent, expect an opportunity to cure if you feel wrong or harmed in anyway. For that reason I am also providing you with a public notice of  Chapter 294, Laws of 2013 can be found by clicking here. It’s intent was to “provide cost-effective means of correcting or clarifying alleged mistakes.”

I am putting this out there as a Journalist because you do have a right to not have your reputation harmed by defamation and if you feel that is the case you have every right to contact any agency that you feel has harmed you, your reputation or whatever it may be.

However, be aware that if you are simply embarrassed, ashamed of your actions or an outright Narcissist and just don’t want to be outed that many outlets will not retract what is written. The only way to fight defamation is with the truth.

So be careful what you do in the dark because it always does come out in the light.