Everett Citizen threatened with Noose.

The Everett Police Department have enough information to put out a Press Release alerting the public of the March 3rd, displaying of a noose, racially charged speech and suspect description that was directed at local Journalist, Janelle Burke. However, they have chosen not to disclose that information or alert the public to the fact that this has occurred as to not interfere with their investigation.

Being that I am Janelle Burke, the victim in the incident and a Journalist, I feel that the public’s right to know is more important than my privacy, my feelings…a police investigation.

The following information is being given to you in hopes of keeping the black community and it’s supporters informed and aware of whats going on in Everett’s current culture. You must remain vigilant, black or white because hatred has no true target, anyone can become a victim.

On March 3rd, 2018, a noose was displayed out of a car window by an individual while in my driveway. I was called a “Nigger” and the driver pulled off. These individuals have also followed on at least one occasion, my 15-year-old daughter. Those and other details left out of both the Officers recap of my report and an article written by Michael Whitney.

It all happened in a matter of seconds, no video. However, the driver of the vehicle is an early to mid 40’s male with gray throughout his beard and ponytail. As he was sitting, I do not have a height or approximate weight. The clothing he wore was distinct and it had writing on it. The Hand Up Project was promptly displayed on the jacket. The vehicle was a black 4-door car and I did not see any visible license plate on the back of the car, which is what I saw before walking to the window. 

I am asking that if anyone knows the identity of the individual described here speak up. Speak up but do not stoop to harassment, threats and vigilantism. That’s not the way it works, especially not with me. Lets just work together to keep “our people”…journalists, advocates, and our youth, safe.

Update: April 5th, 2018 1:45 P.M.

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