“Sickest people in our country”

Recently an editor received this email from Ms. Ivory who represents herself as Outreach Coordinator for Hand Up Project, League of Women Voters Representative, and KSER Radio Host, and a contributor to Wakeupsnoco.com.

Click here to view the email: Brenda Bolanos-Ivory

We have reached out to Ms. Ivory for comment and she has remained silent. Robert Smiley posted a statement on Facebook saying that Ms. Ivory denies this email! Who is lying? Why doesn’t Ms. Ivory respond? Is it because it will show real criminal acts taking place in the illegal camps forced upon the citizens of Snohomish County? The fragility of the addicts in their recovery should not allow the “sickest people in our country” to continue the “prostitution, rapes of men and women, God forbid teens” in our community. As stated in this email this is GANG mentality and we citizens must endure the results? Soon we will have a story of crime increases in the area of the illegal camps, and how the businesses are affected by the camps

Much more to this story folks. Lives are being harmed by the sickest people in our country and we must stop the illegal acts happening in our community.

In the meantime Ms. Ivory please respond to those who are concerned with the contents of your email. Did you write it? Or is Robert Smiley filing false papers in court which state that you deny writing this email?

We await a response that we know you will not give as it makes the program out to be what it is…..A program run by the “SICKEST PEOPLE IN OUR COUNTRY”! A program that sees rapes of men and women, prostitution, and other criminal acts as normal behavior for addicts. With the Board knowing these things are occurring what is their responsibility to report these crimes instead of shielding the fragile addict from personal and legal responsibility for their acts?

Accountability will solve lots of issues in our country. With Hand Up Project seeking donations and tax dollars for their programs should we not have answers to these questions? We will continue to ask.

Click here to view the email: Brenda Bolanos-Ivory