Response to Robert Smiley Feedback 2018-04-11

Response of Janelle Burke, Editor.

The crew at Wake Up SnoCo take concerns of the public and subjects of our independent blogs, articles and commentary very serious. With that being said, Mr. Robert Smiley of the Hand Up Project emailed the bolded response below to an article written by an Independent Journalist on our site.

Previous to any articles/blogs/posts being written. I personally reached out to Robert Smiley of the Hand Up Project and requested to speak with his Board to go over things that were to be published in the near future and get comments. That was back in December and multiple attempts after, they kept procrastinating with promises of meetings with the Board and interviews. Mr. Smileys final responses on March 12th was,  “We’re good I appreciate everything but we are not interested”.

I even asked for that statement in writing from the Board President before I was to file police reports and for an order of protection for stalking, malicious harassment and multiple hate crimes. I had been trying for months (since December 2017), to mediate this situation before going to court or the police. Mr. Smileys response back was “Bottom line I have mention to my board to disregard your messages and your comments…we have nothing against you and only wish to be left alone”.

As they previously refused a meeting, mediation or comment regarding death threats, their volunteers following around my 15-year-old and nooses being displayed outside my home proudly by individuals wearing their jacket I don’t feel that a retraction, correction, or public apology is warranted at this time. I do not coddle abusers because of their fragile mindsets.


  1. Per RCW 7.96.040(3) please submit a request for correction or clarification;
  2. Per RCW 7.96.050 (1) that you provide verifiable evidence, information and/or materials that directly refute the alleged defamatory statements or actions that directly involve, the Wake Up Snoco FB Page, or statements made by Editor, Janelle Burke. Please submit this with the Request for correction or clarification;
  3. Produce data | official records | evidence of crime rate going down 63%;
  4. Allow Janelle Burke to inspect letters and statements  that have been received;
  5. As previously promised, allow Janelle Burke access to the houses that you utilize;
  6. That you honor Wake Up SnoCo’s, public disclosure request, regarding your organizations financials mailed to your address on file with the Washington Secretary of State October 2nd, 2017 | January 18th, 2018 | March 8th, 2018. I am now asking via written request publicly that you honor our request to inspect your organizations Form 1023, Form 990’s and all related supporting documents, i.e. your tax records.

Sooner rather than later as your 30 days from my last request has expired and my next step if filing a complaint with proof of mailing of all 3 previous requests to the IRS. I do not want copies of anything made, I want to inspect.

The final request is that Susan Moore, Board President, take our concerns serious and call a meeting with the Board and us. Just make it at least appear that you care.

I have been subjected to a noose and being called a nigger by volunteers in your organization, the least you can do is give me a moment of your time. It’s not like I have been asking for a sit down since December 2017.

~Janelle Burke | Cell 425-953-0598
AUTHOR: Robert Smiley
SUBJECT: [WakeUp SnoCo] “Sickest people in our country”
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I did not deny this article being written by mrs Bolanos ivory, I did deny the context in for which this reporter writing this took everything out of context and every single person that has read that email can tell you that what this editor is writing is not true.
And people that know me know the reason I will not allow my board or anybody else to interact with this individual is because he is a bully he intimidates people, and twist everything you might say and do something you did not say and then attacks you unless you take it the way he wanted you too and is not somebody I would ever consider taking anything he says at face value instead This is one individual whatever he says I believe the opposite to be true and I found that to be true so often it’s amazing.
Crime rate in that area behind Home Depot has been reduced by 63% since we went in there people are allowed to have their kids play in the area again, we have had so many letters from people in the community asking that we never leave, instead of the wheezing me or this reporter please feel free to ask anybody around there all the businesses and the HOAs in that Community takes their opinion of what’s going on, we are constantly hearing threats of being a civil lawsuit against us and our donors yet none have appeared one will be appearing because I finally found two businesses that will state that based on his comments they have stopped donating to us or allowing us to have car washes so know that you are not dealing with a credible source from this article that was published by wake
This is truly an example of irresponsible reporting.

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