Everett Gospel Mission Housing

Everett Gospel Mission
Innovation in Housing!!!! We as a community can be proud of the hard work that Director Sylvia Anderson and her staff have done to become innovators in mission housing. Realizing that we as a society may never end homelessness it’s nice to know that we are now trying to humanize the reality of homelessness through innovative ways. Hopefully, these innovative ways will create new paths for the homeless to use as they struggle with their issues. Please visit our mission and learn about the services it provides…..Dont forget to donate if you can!!!
The event will be on Saturday, April 14th at the Everett Gospel Mission Men’s Mission, 3711 Smith Ave, Everett, WA 98201.
You can view the bed system from 1-3pm, with the dedication ceremony starting at 2 pm.For questions or to RSVP call 425.740.2500 or email feedhopehere@egmission.org.
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