Sickest people in our country pt2

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While we publish information it gets received by different individuals and sometimes they are ignorant or violent in comments. In this case ignorance and violence seems to be what leads the Hand Up Project. Editor Burke responded to a comment left by Robert Smiley of Hand Up Project regarding my posting Sickest people in our country a few days ago.

While we are personally being threatened and family members followed and stalked by those associated with the Hand Up Project we continue to write the truths as we document it. It continues….

Being attacked physically at your home, illegally in the courts, stalked, threatened with false arrests and complaints on a regular basis, the truth still rattles those who continue to abuse it. Our voices are heard by those that matter. Continue speaking the truth and we will survive this time in our history of hatred and immoral thuggery.

I have enclosed the 17 pieces of evidence that were filed in my anti-harassment case, U17-151, against Robert Smiley of the Hand Up Project. Evidence Numbers 5, 6, and 7 were submitted by me. Mr. Smiley submitted Evidence Number 17 only as his evidence.

Please notice that in number 6 Robert Smily is posting that Brenda Bilanos Ivory  “…emphatically denies all these comments and statements he is making.…”. In evidence number 7 Brenda Bolanos Ivory, an outreach coordinator for the Handupproject and advisor to the Board of Directors in a conversation to Editor Janelle Burke in a messenger post states, “He states there are criminals raping prostitution etc which is true. God forbid teens. Homeless people are in danger.”

At no time has Ms. Brenda Bolanos Ivory responded to multiple requests by editor Burke and this writer for a comment to deny or confirm the statements and email attributed to her by this writer. Robert Smiley responded in court case U17-151 by admitting Evidence number 17. Mr Smiley testified that Ms. Bolanos Ivory sent that to him that very morning for him to submit to the court. We have asked for the original email that sent this document from Ms. Bolanos Ivory and Robert Smiley and have received No response. We have questioned why this document contains no signature of Ms. Brenda Bolanos Ivory and haven’t received a response.

How can Robert Smiley contact Ms. Burke and make an official complaint that I am lying in my article, when the evidence is clear..unless she wants to deny her comments?

Intimidation is how Mr Smiley operates. Then he has his staff execute complaints against those who question him, as displayed in the documents in this article.

FYI….. On the Outreach Coordinators Dee Jackson Statement of me calling her, I played the actual recorded conversation in court and AT NO TIME WAS ANY THREAT MADE as her unsigned statement alleges. Why would these loyal servants of Robert Smileys lie? The need to stay clean and he was and is their lifeline? Housing, food, a purpose, all given to these “sickest people in our country” all while society ignores the needs they scream for. We hope our articles facilitate change for the better, not to close programs down, but we will not compromise our beliefs or word for any reason or person.

While there are some questions that are easily answered, Mr. Smiley refuses to have his Board of Directors answer the questions that involve over $50,000.00 a year in donations from the community to the Hand Up Project. Mr Smiley has stated that Crime in the Home Depot area has decreased 63% since his group was there in October 2017. I am enclosing the crime stats for April 2018 for that area and you will see no lowering of crime has occurred. To be fair to Mr Smiley we would request he provide us with his study from October 2017 to April 2018 and how he obtained his 63% number.

It would be nice for Mr. Smiley and the Hand Up Project to provide us with the many letters from the HOA’s and homeowners in that area that want them to stay because of his crime deterrence ability. I’m really curious to see tthe letters from the businesses that support his work in the area. While I am sure he can provide letters from many in his program we have received plenty of calls from your fragile clients so those will not be needed.

I have filed a Public Disclosure Request and will seek all documents requested in a timely manner.  We will continue our quest for the truth for the many addicts and homeless that may be taken advantage from a few within the program at the Handupproject.

For the life of me, I do not understand why the Board of Directors does not want to have a meeting to answer the questions that were brought to us by victims of the project. Personal insults and criminal complaints to harass will not stop the truth. Answering the questions may but it seems that intimidation, false allegations, threats of suing, are more beneficial to the Hand Up Project than the truth. The failure to report the crime of shooting at kids in a Hand Up Project camp or the luring of children of the camps, operated by Hand Up Project, into a vehicle for sex with witnesses, raises questions about what else may not be reported by the Hand Up Project staff….“prostitution, Rapes of men and women. God forbid teens.”?

While Editor Janelle Burke is being forced to face the racist attack towards her family from the thugs trying to silence this story and I am being continually attacked with false criminal complaints by Robert Smiley and his gang of vigilante addicts.

We are committed to bringing this truth to our community. We are not against the program and actually think it had good ideas and promise. It  just needs structure, transparency and new leadership as Mr. Smileys cannot work within a set of rules unless he makes them.

His violation of rules has cost him housing by Department of Corrections and it has been reported and confirmed that Compass Health is looking into some potential violations of their housing rules. There will be more court civil cases as we muddle through the truth.  More to come as we receive more each day….Stay tuned

Snohomish County Crime stats April 2018