Response to Feedback from “Joseph” 2018-04-13

Hi “Joseph”, Susan or whatever your name is.

My name is Janelle, Editor of Wake Up SnoCo. I want you to know that I acknowledge that you feel that I need to: Stop Slander, Check my “sources”, become “civil, just and humane” myself.

I will not discount your feelings as you are entitled to your beliefs, regardless of how wrong you are. Don’t discount ours!

I was the one called a “Nigger by the man in a Hand Up Project jacket, there is no source to check.

I am the one that saw the white man with the noose in my driveway, there is no source to check.

My 15-year-old daughter was the one being stalked, there is no source to check.

My life is in shambles, my family living in fear and well I am pissed that I have to spend my time dealing with this BS, rather than enjoying being a housewife and relaxing with my family.

I am sorry if my situation is disturbing to your fragile mind…well, not really. If you’re up for an interview regarding whatever it is that you consider slander I will entertain it because you are ignorant as to what reality is and you need to be educated.

I offer you the opportunity to expand on your statement with facts and more detail. I welcome it. I have yet to hear back from you since I emailed you on the 13th. You all keep hollering slander, please help me understand how TRUTH = SLANDER. I will wait.

~Janelle Burke

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