Everett Districting Program Meetings

The City of Everett is hosting 4 meetings to propose their Districting plan in the future. According to the council, this could take years since they do not even have districting plans drawn up. Council Member Paul Roberts got the majority of council to not put on the ballot the initiative of Everett Districts Now for the citizens to vote on. He then proposed his own districting plan which no one has seen yet. I guess the meetings are for the citizens to review a plan that the city doesn’t have? Mayor-elect Franklin hasnt figured out how to keep the status quo in office so they have denied citizens the right to vote on Everett Districts Now districting change.

Megan Dunn of Everett Districts Now and many others have worked hard on ensuring every citizen is represented yet our current council, minus Stonecipher and Twohy, continue to ignore the will of the people. Contact Ms Dunn for more info on how you can help.

Meeting dates and places are as follows:

April 17  6:30pm Everett School District Offices  3900 Broadway

April 19  6:30pm Evergreen Middle School  7621 Beverly Lane

April 25  3pm   Bakerview Apts  2605 15th st.

April 30  6:30pm  Evergreen Middle School 7621 Beverly Lane

Please attend and make your voice heard. Let the city know they are creating conflict and misinformation regarding the districting. Contact Everett Districts Now on Facebook and help get this to the ballot. This writer wants to remind all voters that Councilmember Paul Roberts also is on the ST3 Board that fudged the numbers  for our tabs and then voted to make us wait until 2029 to correct the financial thievery occuring. Trust is earned and this council has not earned the citizens trust. GET OUT AND VOTE!!!