Living Legends to be honored at the Nubian Jam

The Nubian Jam, a celebration of our African-American culture, started back in 1992. Here it is 26 years later, going strong and this year the focusing on a wonderful group of inspirators in Snohomish County.

Event Chair, DanVonique Reed, brought “Roots, Stems, and Roses” to the attention of the History Committee. However, the inspiration to invest time into implementing “Roots, Stems and Roses” in this years’ festival came from learning the story of Mr. Roy Pleasant of Yakima, WA. Mr. Pleasant introduced the concept of this celebration in 1981. It’s sole purpose being to “establish a local extended community resource base designated to help support the growth and development of the Black Community”, according to the Roots, Stems, Roses and Petals Facebook group.

Local 4-H Club, SnoCo Youth 4 Change, out of Everett has joined Ms. Shannon Pitts in studying the history of, memorializing and planning a great day for the “Living Legends” of Snohomish County.

This years’ honorees are Mr. Carl Gibson, Dr. Betty Cobbs and Mr. Zebedee Cobbs, Mrs. Gladys Jennings, Marian Harrison and others that have planted a seed of hope and paved the way for success for African-Americans. There will also be a history project at the SnoCo Youth 4 Change’ booth, full of fun facts, history and an abundance of photos that gives you a peek into the jewels uncovered during research.

“We are excited to help with a project that not only teaches us about the history of Snohomish County, but also grants us a real-world opportunity to meet real life, like important people”, said Brea Nixon, VP of the SnoCo Youth 4 Change 4-H Club, “We went from being sponsors to involved hands on”.

Another Nubian Jam first is a fashion show with clothing provided by an African vendor and a performance by Frenchess Berry.

There will be over 30 vendors, good food and talented musicians. Featured band BroHamM will be blessing the crowd with their presence this year, followed by performances by IRoots, Phyllis Tally and other local talent. Also joining the Jam this year is Scott Peterson (The Reptile Man) and The Imagine Children’s Museum.

To stay updated on the day’s events go to www.nubianjameverett.comor visit the Nubian Jam Facebook page.

Janelle Burke/Wake Up SnoCo