Opinion: When running for Office transparency is key. Susan Paine what are you hiding?

Per the Edmonds Beacon Susan Paine is quoted as saying the following, “With all of the matters that come before our city government, I am fully committed to bringing transparency and ease of access of our public processes and decision-making”.  However, Susan Paine has not been forth coming to the public regarding her colluding with the 21st LD in trying to remove “elected” Precinct Committee Officer, Willie Russell for of all things telling her to bugger off and filming at a public meeting. According to Miss Paine, a newer member of the 21st LD Democrats she fears for her safety because PCO Willie Russell told her to bugger off. 

Why you might she be afraid of the words “bugger off”, you might ask? 

Well according to Miss Paine, “Mr. Russell is a convicted rapist” and per the general consensus of the 21st LD the term bugger off coming from him as a level 3 sex offender means that he wants to perform “anal sex” on Miss Paine. I kid you not, this is the level of weaponizing words that the Democratic Party has stooped to. 

She later states that “… transparency doesn’t mean much if there is no commitment to community engagement and actively seeking all community members input on the major topics for our community.”

Members of the community, especially youth, are now afraid that if people like Miss Paine get into politics on this level that a lot more of them will end up in trouble with the law due to “idiotic adult bullies weaponizing words”. “We are watching adults bully each other and weaponize words making it easier for police to treat us like criminals for being ‘offensive’…these white women need to stop with the white tears and victim crap before they put a bigger target on us black kids that are tired of dealing with adult stupidity”, said an Everett High School Student. 

At the end of the day political bullying, dishonesty and lack of transparency is being seen by our youth and it’s frightening. The general consensus of the community interviewed regarding the discord in the Democratic Party was “We wonder what Susan Paine’s hiding, no woman is that fragile”.