Opinion: Fragile Women Do Not Belong in Politics and Candidate Susan Paine Shows Us Why.

With societal culture being what it is toward sex offenders, one would have thought that a woman like a Candidate Susan Paine would have been mindful of putting her fragility online in an effort to excuse her obvious flubbing of her campaign speech. Her reason she publicly notes is of all things, another candidate.

According to her Facebook post on the 32nd LD Democrats and 21st LD Democrats Facebook page, Candidate Paine blames the flub on Willie Russell, Candidate for Snohomish County Council, Position 4. Ms. Paine goes on to explain that Mr. Russell “coming to the event”, really threw her off and goes on to misrepresent a previous situation where she tried to get him thrown out of the 21st LD Democratic Party and his PCO credentials pulled because he told her to “Bugger off”, which she took to mean he wanted to have intercourse with her.

Fragility at its best. To boot, in order to win sympathy points with the masses, Ms. Paine, went further and misrepresented Mr. Russell’s “extensive criminal history” and told her fellow associates and constituents that “He’s a level 3 sex offender which means he has the highest potential risk to the community and for re-offending if given the opportunity. He uses his size, aggressiveness, and frankly, his offender status to intimidate people”.

What she did not tell people was that Mr. Russell was told previously that he could attend the event and that his campaign manager was with him. At no time did either person approach or say anything to Ms. Paine. She did, however, tell everyone if they do as observe Mr. Russell, to video him and call 911. She claimed to file a police report and is getting an armed bodyguard to accompany her to public events while encouraging others to “keep vigilant and stay engaged”.


What Ms. Paine hadn’t thought out was the actions of others on her behalf due to her fear of Mr. Russell for telling her to “bugger off”. Thursday morning Mr. Russell received a voice text from a supporter and a message she forwarded, which she proclaims is that she received as a threat to herself and Mr. Russell’s causing him to fear and halt doorbelling out of concern for his campaign team. I personally reviewed the voicemail and the video sent. Graphic. Horrible and Sickening.

White fragility, false white tears, and victim syndrome have no place in politics. Politics is not a game for the weak-minded, emotionally insecure and troubled. Susan Paine should not hold a political office and has me now questioning my position on many women candidates due to their support of her fragility, knowing the true reason behind her accusations. 

If you can’t handle a man’s “tone”, can’t have an adult conversation or disagreement without weaponizing words or can’t focus on reading off a piece of paper in what you feel is a hard moment…I say this respectfully Ms. Paine, take a bow and back away.

Harassment of citizens fueled by politics and radical feminist views will be the reason that the sex offender registry gets shut down. The worse of the worse “sex offenders” gain power from secrecy and Susan Paine and the Democratic party are helping sex offenders develop a case as to why the registry needs to be shut down.  There are worse “offenders” out there than Mr. Russell. You know, those who are repeat offenders that get booked and released to harm again time after time, terrorizing our youth and community. 

However, she did what she needed to do to get that 21st LD endorsement and it “wasn’t without a fight” that she got it.