Call to Action: Be Vulnerable! Learn, Grow and Stand United with Our Youth.

Everett – Mental Health education needs to be a priority in communities of color here in Snohomish County! Here in Everett! We need to stop allowing schools to label our youth for the sake of getting grant money but not nurturing them and providing them with the assistance they need to thrive in an educational setting. The current climate and culture of the world we live in are detrimental to us as a people. 

We need to stand tall and be unapologetically militant in stopping the cyclical trend of racism and discrimination. We must be unapologetic in our demand for respect for our youth in this flawed education system. Indigenous Youth and Colored Youth are in desperate need of representation and education advocacy.

Yet we as adults are so obsessed with all things Donald Trump, that we as a society have become unsteady, lost momentum, and lost track of what is essential. We are in a state of optional ignorance and mental decay due to our ignorance and fear, due to our desire to continue fighting against “Trumps America.” The battle that won’t end because we are human has caused us to continue to fail our youth in more ways than one. Community leaders are ignoring the systemic abuses right here at home and leaving vulnerable youth and citizens to fight this corrupt system alone.

Everyone is relying on the NAACP to save them from the repercussions of their voice. Child endangerment, profiling and creating situations that foster an climate ripe for recidivism should not be an issues that we sit back and wait on the NAACP or any other organizations to vote to take an interest in for a mere picture of strength and a mouth-piece on the local media stage for acknowledgment from the public that there is actually a problem. As a societal group, Black people, we are broken, and we need to own it and fix it. 

We need parents and community members, not just community organizations to come together, rise, and be militant in our activism for a better today for our youth. We need the black community to acknowledge and become educated on how racism, bias, and societal trauma impacts our child and ourselves. If we can not fight today, they have no tomorrow to look forward to, and that’s sad. So many of us call ourselves community leaders, activists, and advocates because it makes us feel good to have a label. Stop it! We sit, and chair committee’s yet we see no results. There is never any action! Just excuses on why the system isn’t working and why it’s failing us, and the community accept it because well, many of us have given up hope.

Us folk that call ourselves leaders need to allow ourselves to be vulnerable so we can learn with our youth! So that we can grow with them and stand united with them as we should. To this day, we still have our child being educated by “Mr. Charley”! You know, the white man who gives and takes, at will, in the name of our enemy, the system. The discussion needs to persistent, a goal! We can’t keep praying on it.

Join WakeUp SnoCo for a community dinner and discussion, November 22nd  5:00 PM – 9:00 PM. Location TBD. SAVE THE DATE. Topic: Damned if we do! Damned if we Don’t. Living “Cullud” in Snohomish County.  Dinner will be served. Like our page and receive notifications and event notices/R.S.V.P. information.