Sickest people in our country pt2

U17-151 All Exhibits While we publish information it gets received by different individuals and sometimes they are ignorant or violent in comments. In this case ignorance and violence seems to be what leads the Hand Up Project. Editor Burke responded to a comment left by Robert Smiley of Hand Up Project regarding my posting Sickest … Continue reading Sickest people in our country pt2

“Sickest people in our country”

Recently an editor received this email from Ms. Ivory who represents herself as Outreach Coordinator for Hand Up Project, League of Women Voters Representative, and KSER Radio Host, and a contributor to Click here to view the email: Brenda Bolanos-Ivory We have reached out to Ms. Ivory for comment and she has remained silent. Robert Smiley … Continue reading “Sickest people in our country”