Opinion – Democrats in Disarray 2018

As a democrat I am saddened that our party has fallen into the hands of the elitists and new facists that are taking over our democracy with intimidation, assaults, and using their democratic endorsements,(judges), to condone their illegal and morally wrong acts. The 21st Ld uses assaults to intimidate. Chairman Micah Rowland has had his supporters call … Continue reading Opinion – Democrats in Disarray 2018

Living Legends to be honored at the Nubian Jam

The Nubian Jam, a celebration of our African-American culture, started back in 1992. Here it is 26 years later, going strong and this year the focusing on a wonderful group of inspirators in Snohomish County. Event Chair, DanVonique Reed, brought “Roots, Stems, and Roses” to the attention of the History Committee. However, the inspiration to … Continue reading Living Legends to be honored at the Nubian Jam

Response to Feedback from “Joseph” 2018-04-13

Hi “Joseph”, Susan or whatever your name is. My name is Janelle, Editor of Wake Up SnoCo. I want you to know that I acknowledge that you feel that I need to: Stop Slander, Check my "sources", become "civil, just and humane" myself. I will not discount your feelings as you are entitled to your beliefs, regardless of how wrong … Continue reading Response to Feedback from “Joseph” 2018-04-13

“Sickest people in our country”

Recently an editor received this email from Ms. Ivory who represents herself as Outreach Coordinator for Hand Up Project, League of Women Voters Representative, and KSER Radio Host, and a contributor to Wakeupsnoco.com. Click here to view the email: Brenda Bolanos-Ivory We have reached out to Ms. Ivory for comment and she has remained silent. Robert Smiley … Continue reading “Sickest people in our country”